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Medford Dental Implants

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Medford dental implants
Medford dental implants

When you have missing teeth, you may feel self-conscious to smile, laugh, or even speak for concern about others seeing the empty space between teeth. In addition, your other teeth on that jaw can shift, which is often uncomfortable and can lead to your bite being thrown out of alignment. Less efficient chewing can extend to affecting your digestion. At Dental Excellence, we have the solution with our Medford dental implants. Are you a good candidate for them? Let’s find out.

It wasn’t very long ago when most people were given only fixed bridges and removable dentures as options to replace teeth. They’re both fine choices, but our Medford dental implants have benefits that are simply not possible with those other full-tooth restorations. Implants are like real teeth in many important ways. They are constructed to mimic the best qualities of a tooth, complete with a root that is anchored in your jaw. You never need messy adhesive, your other teeth remain unaffected, and with proper care, you can get a lifetime of use from our Medford dental implants. With that much to recommend them, it’s a good time to discuss qualifications to get one. Above all your jaw bone needs to be thick and strong so that it can hold the implant effectively. We make that determination through testing. Bone grafting can correct a weak or thin jaw, however. Beyond that, so long as your gums are generally healthy, you should be eligible. Being diabetic or a smoker can also have an effect on whether Medford dental implants are right for you, but that will vary from person to person.

Why not call us right now and let us arrange a convenient time for you to come in and get started with finding out if implants are right for you? Chances are, you are either a good candidate already, or we can help you to become one.

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